The Church

"The Church is the place where people gather together to worship God. It is a place of healing and restoration; a place where our faith is built up in Jesus Christ; a place where we are trained to reach the lost and dying of the world."

Pastor Dr. J. Louis Felton, Servant Leader
Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr., Founder and Jurisdictional Prelate

Mount Airy Church of God In Christ invite you to come and share the vision of our Pastor Dr. J. Louis Felton, Servant Leader, as he teaches us to be not only saints of God, but also servants in the Kingdom of God.

We strive to assure that every family within the church's community will be challenged to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We strive to create a youth program, which will capture young people, lead them to Christ, and make a difference in their lives for the good.