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Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr., Founder
& Bishop J. Louis Felton, Senior Pastor

The Kingdom Intergenerational, Interdepartmental, Interdisciplinary Youth Ministry is a team of servant leaders committed to working collaboratively to achieve youth participation in every aspect of the Church. KIYM is Intergenerational which is related to or involves several different generations working side by side to accomplish the desired goal; Interdepartmental which requires participation and cooperation among departments and Interdisciplinary which pertains to multiple academic fields of study which provides a variety of thoughts and ideas.



While inspiring the next generation of leaders, KIYM is dedicated to educating our young people on how to navigate successfully through the current cultural challenges. In partnership with the parental advisory committee, KIYM seeks to provide guidance and inspiration along with programs that focus on building commitment, character, and accountability to God, family, and community.


KIYM seeks to motivate, develop, and equip youth and young adults for Servant Leadership while promoting a strong and healthy relationship with Christ.